RGB DVi/VGA (EGA/CGA DVI) -converter (for LCD)

This RGB converter supports RGB, RGBS, RGBHV (VGA), CGA, MDA und EGA conversion to VGA and DVI -signals. User definable signal type adjustments are developed to include colour filters and larger standard signaltype support is also in std. firmware. The RGB DVI / RGB VGA -converter allows replacing old CRT monitors used at industrial PLC and medical monitoring/imaging -eqp. with modern LCD panels.

For a long time, RGB and EGA/MDA/CGA have been popular graphics standards for industrial applications. In the RGB interface, three (coaxial) cables carry the colour information: R (red), G (green) and B (blue). In addition, the Green signal carries the Synchronization signals, HSYNC and VSYNC. In the EGA/MDA/CGA interface TTL signals are used. Nowadays, displays for RGB sources are quite hard to get ­ especially if the customer wants to get the benefits of a flat screen. Clearly, there is a need to convert RGB/TTL signals for the modern graphics interface.

S-RDC-4 RGB DVI / RGB VGA -videosignaalimuuntaja mahdollistaa vanhojen CRT putkimonitorien korvaamisen moderneilla LCD paneleilla.

RGB DVI/ RGB VGA converter Technical info

The S-RDC-4 RGB VGA/DVI converter allows the Video source details; (resolution, video timing, Sync data) to be read directly from the source system. This comes handy as in many, especially older PLC systems, a variety of videomodes have being used. Altough during years we have embedded a great number of standard type videosources (Simatic, Tessalator etc, to name few), there are still many systems / and system variations, where this kind of support is ready. Additional CGA/EGA support is a standard feature.


RGB/DVI, EGA/RGB VGA -converter S-RDC-4

The RGB & VGA, RGB/MDA/CGA/EGA to DVI -converter is designed to extend the life cycle of RGB systems like PLC´s. Even the unused CRT monitors are years old, so there is no longer a real alternative of LCD screens.

The converter can handle either composite RGB (separates the sync signal off the green colour), or RGBS/RGBHV where the sync signals are separate.

The RGB to DVI/VGA Converter converts the signals of a RGB/TTL source in a format that can be shown on both a traditional CRT with VGA connector (using an adaptor) as well as on a flatscreen with DVI connector. The device digitizes the incoming video signals and stores them in an internal video memory. From there they are displayed in a compatible, user selectable, format: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 or 1280x1024, with 75Hz or 60Hz refresh rate.

Before displaying, the picture can be stretched to fit to the screen size: 1:1 in a frame box; fully fitting to the screen size; fitting one dimension with the other scaled appropriately; or at a fixed 2:1 stretch factor. More than 80 video formats are pre-installed in the device´s internal table. Non-standard and unsupported video modes can be setup by the customer through OSD.

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